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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

U.N. Forecasts 10.1 Billion People by Century’s End

10 Billion people! Gets me thinking yet again: Why don't our policy makers give more importance to population control?? Nowadays the sexy areas of policy are all education, healthcare, and economic growth (healthcare to a lesser extent). These are all important issues, but if you ask me, Population Control is the one area of policy that should receive the most attention (media coverage, planning, and resources). A rupee spent on a free condom well used would probably save the state a few thousand rupees in life time costs, if not more. As also save the world from the stress of one more human being with all his/her needs.

Note: I am not advising forced sterility, or anything of the sort! Just large scale availability of condoms alongside high intensity awareness programs (in each and every settlement in each and every village). That would itself reduce female fertility a lot - no need to coerce the unwilling lot!

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