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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dream On

So I had this weird kind of dream the other day. Its not the dream itself - a pretty mundane dream it was - but the style of the dream that was weird. This was early in the morning and I was trying to drag myself out of bed. My body refused to yield until finally I got up. I got out of bed and brushed my teeth and shaved. I began planning my day, and entered the shower. Which is when it suddenly hit me that I wasn't actually doing all of these things - I was dreaming! I quickly jumped out of bed and redid all those activities, this time for real. My first thought was: Wow my mind had me mindfucked out there for a while!

Now, I don't know if you found it out of the ordinary at all, but to me having such a vivid dream which exactly followed the expected course of events as reality would demand, was disconcerting. I saw the dream in full detail, and while it was still on there was no way I could tell it apart from reality. Painters and creative folk - and even regular folk - will tell you about the fantastic nature of most dreams. In their surrealistic fashion, dreams defy the laws of gravity and reason, bend physics and sort out metaphysics. They question ethics and challenge boundaries. They bring back old wounds and forgotten joys, bring back those we love and those we hate. I read up on dreams after this particular dream of mine, and found fascinating stuff such as this, this, and this.

And so while dreams are usually manifestations of the complex un-hingeing of the brain, I find it odd that they can also act as receptacles of the purely mundane. Not so much the ability, as the intent. Its hard to imagine a dream that stoops so low as to mimic plain, old, boring, drab, real, reality, just so that my body can catch two more winks of sleep! And the funny thing is, this is not the first time such as dream has occurred to me. I remember now that as a child I had once peed in my bed because my stupid brain fooled me into believing that I had woken up and walked into the bathroom and opened my fly, all ready to let fly. The rest is, as they say, watery.

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