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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Kingdom of the blind

My attention was today drawn to this amusing article about the vatican's pov on contraceptives: Condoms sometimes permissible to stop AIDS: Pope
The subject of the vatican's pea-headed resistance to contraceptive usage is of course not new. I am reminded of the Daily Mash article run in 2008 when the pope said something to the effect: "Global warming is not a problem, gay communities are". Enjoy the gross satire.

But reading the latest news piece just makes me think: aint some pople* so so blind? I mean, my current thoughts are that devotion and belief in god in a person/family/society reduces with increasing prosperity and well being. Its majorly those in strife or some form of occasional / recurring trouble that turn to god and vest their hopes in a higher being. The ones doing well just dont care.

And that is where the pope and his gang of primitive beings come in. Growing up in a modern developed society (the West), there are still these sects of people who remain inveterately and unbelievably Blind.

Thats it. Thats the end of the blog. Really. Nothing more coming. I dont feel like writing an essay on theism and atheism. All I will do is make one twittoral (and vague?) statement:

Belief in god partly stems from the human mind's wired-in sense of establishing causality.

(* I swear the pun showed itself through a typo and I couldnt resist)

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