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Friday, November 26, 2010


Its the season of scams in our glorious nation. 2G, Adarsh, Yeddy, CWG...each one bigger than the last. And more blatant - the guilty are not scared anymore. I suppose they never have been, in this nation where the laws are laughably weak, and immunity over and above these weak laws can be bought by the rich and powerful.

I am reminded of Haryana's DGP Rathore, who went on to head the state's police after being implicated in her molestation and suicide. After tonnes and tonnes of media action the courts finally reversed their acquittal and convicted him 20 years after the incident - for 6 months. Maximum punishment is any way 2 years. Even as prosecution attempts to give him the maximum term, he has been given bail and is out now.

If this is the punishment a person gets for one of the most high profile cases seen recently, what kind of deterrence does it provide to others? Yes, Indians are hugely huuugely corrupt, but thats an outcome (of our system and processes), not an inherent evil that cant be solved.

Just yesterday night I came across this case of an IAS officer (a director in the Union Ministry of Home Affairs) being arrested for selling state secrets. The poor investigative agencies recorded his calls, followed him and even videotapes his clandestine meetings for 6 months. The evidence against him would be vast I presume. The whole thing didn't get too much media coverage though. Any guesses if he is finally going to get convicted? Will he spend more than 6 months in jail? And will he be barred from his IAS 'duties' later? Check out my previous entry on Justice Dinakaran.

And not just powerful bureaucrats, ministers or businessmen, even small time goondas can act with impunity if the victim is just a regular person without connections. Check this out: Yesterday in Lucknow 3 people accused of rape went ahead and raped the victim again to scare her and shut her up. Link here.

What is the solution? We can do many things, but one of the most elegant ways of deterring people is the DEATH PENALTY. Be it corrupt bureaucrats, scheming mantris or impudent rapists, making examples of their brethren would put some fear in their hearts. This writer is baying for blood.

EDIT: 12 Dec 2010, girl gangraped in Delhi because she chose to fight back at eve teasers. They abducted her in their car and gangraped her to 'teach her a lesson'. They were caught immediately due to a police manhunt, but what is the worst they will go through? 14 years of punishment IF convicted AFTER 5-6 years of random court work AND they might get a reduction in sentence after 7 years due to 'good behavior'. What the f*ck is wrong with this country? Humane punishment and human rights can be talked about in countries with humans, not animals. We are still a primitive society where deterrence ought to be strong. Link here.

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