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Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 The Kasab trial

Is praised by all. Fair trial. Democratic. Blah.

Ask that to the 1.7 lakh undertrials in the country. Most of them have never seen the inside of a court. They have spent more time in jail already than they would have been remanded for IF they were found guilty AND were given maximum sentence (you see, they are mostly poor folk who cant hire a lawyer or bribe a politician to get a speedy trial). They are mostly there for petty charges.

But we somehow take Pride in Kasab's trial? What is there to be proud of when our courts spend insane amounts of time (already more than a year now) on open and shut cases? Is it a matter of Pride that all legal processes are being followed in Kasab's case?? Is it a matter of pride that our legal processes are glorious remnants from a Victorian legal era, while the UK has itself moved on?

If you think about it, half the problems in this country could be averted if the courts were simply quick. If you knew it wouldnt take 10-15 years for a case to reach court, you wouldnt have the impunity to rape your household help, for example. I am not even talking about judicial fairness and non-corruption, I am simply talking speed. But the law minister is busy banning anti government propaganda in Manipur. While judges continue to be free to take leaves when they wish. And law says they are free to adjourn cases till the end of time. Who is to judge the judges?

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