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Sunday, September 25, 2011

They are different...

Came across a very interesting ad campaign recently: the superbowl ad for the Chrysler 200. It uses the 'Imported from Detroit' tagline to appeal to American consumers' hearts. Very astutely done in my view, because a purchase decision can sometimes be strongly driven by what your heart says rather than your head. Especially for an automobile, which is very often an extension of a user's identity. Happy to note that the campaign won 5 Cannes lions.

There are also follow ads with the same theme which are available at Chrysler's official YouTube channel.

Also came across advertisements from Tata Steel which talk about corporate values instead of product superiority. Check them out here (the ads on TV are 30-40 second clips - this is the unabridged version I guess). Watch out for the messages in the end:

The reason I liked the campaigns is because through them, the respective companies are playing to their strengths and trying to connect with customers.

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