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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The trip

From the glaciers and muck of Rohtang Pass, on to the Ganja fields of Manali. Past countless landslides and raging rivers. Then past the grand old Grand Trunk road and on to the shiny facades and rotting roads of Gurgaon. Followed by a lunch by the Taj. The real one in Agra. Past the countless cows of Bundelkhand. Then a night dash across the Chambal valley - beautiful in the moonlight. Past broken Madhya Pradesh roads and past the dense forests of Central India. Past amused monkeys and Pench's Rudyard Kipling resort. Onto the home run - the under-construction expressways of Telangana. Himachal Pradesh to Hyderabad. 2200 km in 60 hours. One hell of a roadtrip.

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