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Monday, June 6, 2011

Winged happiness

I was working late in the night just now with the windows wide open when a bird flew in. I was shocked and quickly turned off the fan - thankfully he/she didn't fly into the fan. Then the poor guy (I will assume he was male) struggled for a while flying into the wall while I tried to direct him back to the window. He managed to get close to the window after a while but got stuck in a corner.

He was so beautiful and so fragile. Though he was small, I could see his chest throbbing while he frantically tried to get out of the corner. Each time I brought my hand close by to help, he would get all the more frantic. Eventually poor guy stopped resisting and accepted my help. And here comes the beautiful-est part of the incident...

He hopped onto my hand (index finger) and stayed put while I brought my hand near the window. Then, when he was facing the open window, he chose to stay on my finger for a while - perhaps he was catching his breath now that he trusted me. And only after a few seconds did he go off flying into the night sky, having left behind a fan (well, two, if you count the villainous ceiling fan).

His little feet perched on my finger brought back so many memories of childhood times when during summers, back in the village I would spend so much time playing with hens and chicks. Nature is so beautiful. If only we could take care of it better.

PS: I took a coupla snaps of the little guy while he was stuck in the house. Wont try to guess what kinda bird he was, but will upload pic soon :)

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