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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Funny ads. Really?

So there are these few ads that I actually like, though they dont appear to be that popular.

First is the Havell's shock proof RCCP-HCCP (?) ad where three people inadvertently dance to 'shock laga'.

Then there is the Docomo series (hear your tune): i found both the interview one and the tambrahm one funny

There are probably more - dont recollect at this stage. Wonder why they are so disliked by some others. :?

But then there are those which I am sure no audience can like: The IDEA oongli cricket and Pepsi Youngistan series (YUCK!), JK Cements (random woman in swimsuit) etc etc

BTW I thought this was one of the best outdoor and print media ads in a long time...

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